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TouchAnTreat Lead Combo

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TouchAnTreat Lead Combo

A completely new design from us here at Touchango HQ - a treat reward based toy that is also a lead, or is it a lead that is also a treat based toy, okay it's both :-)

This dual purpose toy can be used as a lead, with one of our fabulous TouchAnTreat balls on the end for your dog to interact with. No more juggling with two handles for a toy and lead ! If you just want to use as a toy then pop the metal clip onto the ring keeping it our of the way, making a great (fleece lined of course) handle. Easy ! 

One of our favourite things in the world, the Touchango TouchAnTreat ball is a clever toy that holds a treat between 3 velcro 'petals', so your dog can rip open the ball time and time again to receive the treat, without destroying the toy. It's perfect for rewarding your dog at a distance and for throwing. Dog's love to chase and when they reach the ball they don't have to wait for you to catch up and open it - they open it themselves by pushing their nose between the petals to reach the treat, simples!

Our TouchAnTreat ball is made from waterproof canvas, so not only is it great at holding in mucky (and smelly!) treats but it is also fairly durable due to the material. 

Features and Benefits

  • Nice, visible size for the dog but not too big to make throwing messy!
  • Area in the middle of the ball can be filled with your dog's favourite treats.
  • Clever 3 petal velcro opening holds the treat inside when you throw, but lets the dog access the treat easily themselves.
  • Excellent toy for food-motivated dogs, so you can throw your reward.
  • Can be really useful with highly excitable dogs too, helping them engage their brain to receive the reward.
  • Machine washable in a cool cycle, allow to dry naturally

These balls are made from sturdy waterproof material, however they are not designed to be used as a tug toy. Please do not leave your dog unattended with the toy.

TouchAnTreats are handmade in the UK, therefore size may vary slightly.

Ball is approximately 8cm diameter

Please state the colour webbing you would like in the comments box when checking out. Available in Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Cerise Pink, Purple

UK registered design, pending