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Touchango Toys



We are incredibly excited to introduce Touchango Toys !! Bright, funky and durable toys designed to encourage interactive play between you and your dog. We carefully select products from all around the world - climbing grade webbing and tough bungee shock cord, and a range of the very best balls, making beautiful and super durable toys for the strongest of tugging dogs (we have a couple of those !).

We are passionate about non toxic components in our toys, and are happy to say that all the balls we use are non-toxic and free from nasty chemicals such as Phthalates, Lead, BPA.

Our Sheepskin and Rabbit Fur is a responsibly sourced product within the UK.

Many of our patterned webbing designs are actually designed by us, making them very unique and you will not find them anywhere else!

In general our toys are suitable for most sizes and breeds of dogs. However we do have two specific ranges;

Might Mini Toys are aimed at small dogs and puppies. Narrower webbing, softer bungee and small sized balls make them very appropriate for the smaller guys.

Big Boys Toys are aimed at larger breeds and those that like big balls ;-) Super strong double bungee and the larger Moon Balls on these.

We have used many different toys over the years, and we have drawn on our vast experience to create Touchango Toys - combining all the things we love the most into the very best toys, handmade by ourselves in the UK with love.

We work hard to bring you the very best motivational toys. Our range is constantly expanding, and if there’s something that you think we should add then please let us know !