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The Infinity

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The Infinity

INFINITY = The perfect shape for K-9 Core Strengthening and Balance Training!


 Product Description

The Infinity is the foundation of our equipment pieces and was designed with safety and versatility in mind. It is made of Burst Resistant material, meaning that if there is a puncture it will deflate rather than pop. It also has a slight texture to it, rather than the usual smooth and slippery surface found on most inflatable balance equipment. This makes it easier for the dog’s paws to stay in place while they are standing still and prevents slipping when they are moving.


The shape and design of this one piece of equipment provides an infinite number of simple and safe exercise possibilities. Used alone, in a series, or with other Toto Fit pieces, there are numerous ways for your dog to strengthen core muscles, improve balance and proprioception, facilitate stretching, and build confidence.


The Infinity symbol represents equilibrium or the balance of various forces in the Tarot Card deck; in Chinese symbolism, the figure-eight expresses the totality of the universe.  The Yin-Yang shows a balance between two opposites with a portion of the opposite element in each section and it contains the infinity symbol:




 In K-9 fitness, this is the point at which equilibrium is controlled – where core muscles are working hard to stabilise movement and maintain balance.


MAXIMUM WEIGHTS:  The Infinity can hold a recommended maximum of 270 pounds or 120 kg. It has been machine tested to 660 pounds, 300 kg but the recommended maximum should not be exceeded.

INFLATION:The diameter shown on the plastic bag label should not be exceeded, 30 cm, 40cm, 70 cm or 85 cm, depending on size purchased. Remove the plug and inflate with a pump using the adapter provided if you do not have the proper size nozzle for your pump. Inflate at room temperature away from sharp objects. It is best to inflate in stages until maximum diameter is reached. You may want to inflate the larger Infinities with an electric pump.

Read more about exercises you can do with your Infinity on the Toto Fit Blog

Diameter; 85 cm (about 33″), 70 cm (about 27.5″), 40c m (about 16"), 30 cm (about 12″) 


HEIGHT is measured from the floor to the top of the wide ends.  An 85 cm Infinity is 85 cm from floor to top.
LENGTH of the Infinity and the distance between your dog’s front and hind paws is used to determine what size Infinity to purchase.  Your dog should be able to stand lengthwise on the TotoFit Infinity with a level topline — no arches or dips — and have all four legs squarely under its body.


Our 85 cm Infinity has a height of 33″ and is 42” long when fully inflated.  The working surface is 32-36″, making it suitable for medium, to large dogs.

Our 70 cm Infinity has a height of 27″ and is 36″ long when fully inflated.  The working surface is 28-32″ making it suitable for medium size dogs.

Our 40 cm Infinity has a height of 15″ and is 24″ long.  The working surface is about 24″, making it suitable for small medium dogs.

Our 30 cm Infinity has a height of 12″ and is 18″ long when fully  inflated.  The working surface is 12-14″ making it suitable for small dogs.

ALL are made of Burst Resistant Quality material. 100 % phthalate and latex free, and contains no lead or BPA. This product complies with the current regulations about chemicals (REACH – EC 1907/2006).

See the Toto Fit  video demonstration of BRQ!

Photo's courtesy of RC Imaging, 2016