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Rainbow Leopard

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Rainbow Leopard

One of our newest Touchango Toys design :-) Rainbow Leopard, funky cerise pink and purple graphics and so many options to be super matchy matchy !

Touchango Toys are designed to encourage interactive play with your dog, to help strengthen the bond between you, have fun and give the ultimate reward in training. 

Made from durable climbing grade webbing, the Rainbow Leopard range has our Touchango Toys strong and flexible bungee handle to reduce concussive forces between you and your dog during vigorous play. The handle is of course fleece lined for a soft comfortable grip. The Rainbow Leopard toys are available in different enticing options, depending on your dog (and your own !) preference.

The Rainbow Leopard range has the our very own Touchango Bone balls. The Touchango Balls have been made specifically for us in Italy. We have worked closely with them to create what we think is the perfect ball - Slightly soft and ‘squishy’, yet robust and durable - in some very vibrant colours !! The Bone balls are medium sized and they are characterised by funky bone shapes which give added interest and texture.  The thing we love most about these balls is that they are completely free from Phthalates, Lead, BPA and Latex.

Approximately toy lengths;

42 cm long with a medium ball

50cm with sheepskin/schmop

52cm long with medium ball and sheepskin/schmop

120cm long for Chase The Ace toys

The Touchango Bone Ball is approximately 6 cm in diameter and rates above average for durability. Suitable for small and medium dogs.

100% Handmade by us in the UK with love

Natural fur varies in texture, and the colour may be slightly different to that shown. 

The Bone Ball colour may vary between pink, purple and black- if you have a preference then please state when ordering.

We are incredibly excited to introduce Touchango Toys - Bright, funky and durable toys designed to encourage interactive play between you and your dog. We do like nice things here at Touchango, and our toys are beautiful with attention to detail but also super durable for the strongest of tugging dogs ( we have a couple of those !).We have used many different toys over the years, and Touchango Toys combines all the things we like the most to create the very best toys, handmade in the UK with love.

Please Note; Touchango Toys are designed for interactive play between you and your dog. Please supervise play at all times and do not leave the dog unattended with the toy.

Our toys can be machine washed on a cool cycle and allowed to dry naturally. Any natural fur can be fluffed back up with a slicker type brush once dry :-)