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Natural Lamb Horns

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Natural Lamb Horns

These 100 % natural lambs horns chews are long lasting, low in fat and high in protein.

Lambs Horns grind down slowly and are suitable for aggressive chewers.  They help to satisfy natural chewing needs, support healthy teeth and gums, and they will not usually splinter.

Great treat for keeping you dogs occupied and will give hours of fun :-)

Contain Only 100% Lamb.

· NO Artificial Colourings

· NO Artificial Fragrances

· NO Artificial Flavours

· NO Preservatives

· NO Additives

- Gluten Free 

Lamb horn a natural product and no 2 horns will be the same. Horns are graded on weight not necessarily length.

 Nutritional Analysis

 Protein 68%, Fat 9.9%, Ash 7%

Please supervise chewing at all times.