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Haqihana Harness

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Haqihana Harness

We are absolutely delighted to add the brilliant Haqihana Harnesses to our range. Having rigorously tested them with our own dogs, we are just a little bit in love with these!

The fit of the Haqihana harness is second to none in our opinion, and allows tremendous freedom of movement, particularly in the shoulder area. The design ensures that pressure is properly distributed across the dog’s sternum and thorax, which helps to prevent pulling.

Made from super soft nylon manufactured in Italy for Haqihana, all parts that have contact with the dog’s skin are finished with a special stitching. This prevents rubbing, particularly in short-haired dogs.

The material and components are ALL sourced in Europe. They are non toxic and fully recyclable. Each harness is handmade in Italy with the utmost care and attention to detail, making them extremely durable.

The webbing is made of high tenacity, spun-dyed nylon-6 which guarantees colour homogeneity and resistance. The special characteristics of nylon (polyamide) make it particularly suitable for harness and leash production. In fact, amongst synthetic fibers, nylon is well-known for its softness, optimal strength-to-weight ratio, abrasion resistance, and chemical and biological stability. Finally, it is fully recyclable. 

The buckles and adjusters are made of acetal resin which maintains long lasting mechanical and shock resistance even in extreme conditions. The plastic parts are rounded off and have no sharp edges in order to ensure the dog’s comfort.

The five adjustment points on each size guarantees allows for a huge amount of adjustment in order to fit dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Haqihana Harnesses are guaranteed for five years from date of purchase for any defect, breakage or other that is not considered normal wear and tear and when it occurs during the correct use of the product. Haqihana reserves the right to verify correct use of the product. Incorrect use is considered for example chewing of parts or failing to follow washing instructions.

The only harnesses endorsed by world famous author and dog trainer Turid Rugaas.

Turid Rugaas says: “ A comfortable harness like this allows freedom of movement and there is no pinching behind the front legs. The dog does not pull because he feels comfortable and is relaxed.”

Available in a beautiful range of colours, something for everyone :-)

Size Guide
Measure your dog's girth, about four fingers back from the elbow. If you would like any advice on fit or measuring please contact us.

The versions ML, SL, XSL and XXSL have longer straps that run along the dog’s torso and are intended for long bodied dogs such as Dachshunds and whippets.

L – Girth Measurements: 75-110cm  (Weimaraner, Rottweiler, Doberman, German Shepherd) Webbing width – 25cm

M and ML – Girth Measurements: 70-90cm (Golden/Labrador Retriever, Boxer, Bulldog, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Border Collie) Webbing width – 25cm

S and SL -Girth Measurements:  55-75cm  (Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, French Bulldog) Webbing width – 20cm

XS and XSL- Girth Measurements: 43-55cm / (West Highland White Terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) Webbing width – 15cm

XXS and XXSL – Girth Measurements: 35-45cm  (Miniature Pinscher) Webbing width – 15cm

XXXS – 30-40cm / (Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua) Webbing width – 15cm

Washing instructions
 – Haqihana harnesses can be washed by hand or machine washed on a gentle cycle. Please allow to dry naturally, do not tumble dry.