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Flappy Carrot

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Flappy Carrot

We are very proud of our Flappy Carrot - characterized by a Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff carrot which has a large surface area for your dog to grip (well away from your fingers!) and a tactile and appealing texture. There is a strong yet flexible bungee handle to reduce concussive forces between you and your dog, and completed with fleece tails for maximum toy interest. Of course the Flappy Carrot also has a soft fleece lined handle for your comfort. This toy is definitely unique to Touchango Toys and will certainly be a talking point wherever you take it :-) 

The Orbee-Tuff Carrot is approximately 18cm in length and has a Planet Dog durability rating of 4/5. 

Handmade by us in the UK with love

Please Note; Touchango Toys are designed for interactive play between you and your dog. Please supervise play at all times and do not leave the dog unattended with the toy. 

We are incredibly excited to introduce Touchango Toys !! Bright, funky and durable toys designed to encourage interactive play between you and your dog. We do like nice things here at Touchango, and our toys are beautiful with attention to detail but also super durable for the strongest of tugging dogs ( we have a couple of those !).We have used many different toys over the years, and Touchango Toys combines all the things we like the most to create the very best toys, handmade in the UK with love.

Flappy Carrot Uk Registered Design No 6064437 to Touchango Toys Ltd