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New from Hurtta !!

19th Sep 2018

The brilliant people at Hurtta have done their clever stuff again and brought out a very stylish new coat - the Hurtta Drizzle Raincoat. We eagerly awaited the arrival of this coat as one of the two colours available is purple (Currant) ! We were not disappointed !! Both the coat and colour are incredibly lush :-)

So why is the coat different to the much loved Hurtta Torrent?

The Drizzle raincoat has the Hurtta silver pattern lining meaning the coat is excellent in cooler temperatures and perfect for dogs that really feel the cold in damp, wet conditions. The aluminium foil print reflects the dog’s own body heat, thus stimulating blood circulation and warming the dog efficiently. Thanks to these muscle-warming properties, the Drizzle Raincoat is also ideal for dogs engaged in active sports for warming up and maintaining their well-being before and after performance.

The Drizzle Raincoat is made of an elastic, silent and breathable fabric with a weatherproof Houndtex layer, making it completely waterproof. The coat also has a super snug high tricot hood with a drawstring fastening, helping prevent water seeping down inside the coat from the neck.

The Drizzle coat has an adjustable collar, waist and back length, meaning it is a very versatile fit on a wide variety of dogs. The highly visible 3M reflectors means it's also perfect for darker and gloomy conditions. There is a handy harness opening, so the harness can be worn underneath.

The Drizzle Raincoat is available is larger sizes too - up to a whopping 90cm ! We are very happy to get these larger sizes in to order for you :-) We will add that this coat is very generous in sizing too.

Available in Currant (hurray !) and Raven.

Conclusion - Another great coat from Hurtta, that will quickly become a firm favourite !! We absolutely love Hurtta coats, and all of our dogs wear them. I'm sure one of them will need the purple, yay !!