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Mesh Treat Bag

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Mesh Treat Bag

Brilliant new product from Touchango Toys !

The Mesh Treat Pouch is a great way to reward your dog, and can be used in 2 different ways. The pouch is made from heavy duty polyester mesh, which allows soft food to pass through as your dog mouths it. Simply open the velcro tab at the top, and fill with your dogs favourite high value food - it needs to be soft to pass through the mesh - so raw food, sausage, chicken, pate, cheese etc are perfect :-) 

Let your dog sniff the food inside. The dog will naturally begin to mouth and will be rewarded by their favourite food! So a brilliant product to reward your dog with their favourite high value food without all the mess!

However this is a really useful product to help begin the journey to toy tugging.  If you wanted to add the association of tugging with this positive reward then once the dog starts mouthing the pouch is the perfect opportunity to add a bit of gentle tugging. The harder you tug, the more the dog will grip the pouch (not wanting to let go of that food source!) and then the more food it will be rewarded with through the mesh - so win win !

The Touchango Toys Mesh Treat Pouch is approximately 20cm long and 10cm wide, overall length with handle is 33cm

This is an interactive toy only to be used under supervision - please do not leave alone with your dog even if you think it is empty!

Machine washable and allow to dry naturally.

UK registered design No. 6064436 Touchango Toys Ltd