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K-9 Kore WedGEE

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K-9 Kore WedGEE

NEW from TotoFit !!

The K-9 Kore WedGEE is a smaller version of the very popular and versatile Wedge.  It offers a variety of incline and decline surfaces to work on proprioception, balance and strength for smaller dogs and puppies. It may be used for targeted exercises working on specific muscle groups inclusive of the iliopsoas, abdominals, spinal extensors, and individual forelimb and hind limb strengthening.



Puppies, seniors and dogs with impaired neurological and orthopedic function will benefit from this low difficulty level piece of equipment.  One side is smooth; the other a soft nubby texture. The K-9 Kore WedGEE may be utilized independently or in combination with other pieces of equipment 

K-9 Kore WedGEE – 10” x 10” x 2 ¾” at the highest point
Recommended Weight: Maximum 100 pounds
Test Load Capacity: Maximum 270 pounds

Inflate to preferred stability.  Requires a regular pump, such as the Faster Blaster.

The K-9 Kore WedGEE is 100 % phthalate and latex free, and contains no lead or BPA. This product complies with the current regulations about chemicals (REACH – EC 1907/2006).Photo's courtesy of RC Imaging, 2016