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K-9 Kore Roller

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K-9 Kore Roller

This is a fun piece of equipment with so many applications, and a level of difficulty that is deceiving! Work the front legs by placing them on the roller and rolling it slowly back and forth; work the hind legs in the same way. Increase the challenge by placing opposite legs on an uneven surface at varying heights!


It is a nice piece of equipment for puppies where you can have them work low to the ground on a moving object with a very tactile surface. We even have exercises for very young pups with the Kore Roller!


The K9 Kore roller may be used for small dogs as a strengthening and stretching tool. It may also be utilised to work on eccentric and concentric contractions of isolated forelimb and hindlimb musculature in the performance dog. Iliopsoas strengthening, medial shoulder instability, and trapezius strengthening are some of the few targeted exercises.

Read more about exercises you can do with your K-9 Kore Roller on Our Blog!

K-9 Kore Roller – 11.5” long, 5” diameter
Recommended Weight: Maximum 270 lbs, 120 kg
Test Load Capacity: Maximum 440 lbs, 200 kg

To inflate or deflate, use a hand pump with a needle.

The K-9 Kore Roller is 100 % phthalate and latex free, and contains no lead or BPA. This product complies with the current regulations about chemicals (REACH – EC 1907/2006).Photo's courtesy of RC Imaging, 2016