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EXTRA SMALL Hi K9 Canvas Bed

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EXTRA SMALL Hi K9 Canvas Bed

These are possibly the best dog beds ever (well our dogs think so!)

A canvas fabric top suspended over a zinc-plated metal frame, creating a very comfortable place for your dog to sleep. Unrestricted by sides your dog can choose to nest and curl up, or stretch right out.

The cover moulds to your dog’s body, ensuring there are no pressure points that can develop into unsightly and uncomfortable sores. No heat is conducted from your dog’s body ensuring it’s kept warm and comfortable with no condensation gathering underneath the bed, creating smells, mildew and damp bedding. It is these features which make our beds especially good for dogs with arthritis and joint problems. The mesh cover is also perfect for dogs that are suffering from skin allergies, as the bed can be easily cleaned. It also allows air to circulate and any debris to drop through the open weave.

All beds are fully collapsible and come in their own bag, so are great not only at home but also when travelling, holidaying or during times when your dog may  need to be kenneled.  The metal frame is rust proof for long-term protection then powder coated for improved appearance and enhanced protection meaning it can be left outdoors if required. It comes with standard black plastic feet, and will not harm your carpet or floors.

Features and Benefits

  • Our canvas covers are made from a polyester fabric backed with a waterproof coating and have the following advantages:
  • Doesn't allow air or water to pass through.
  • A softer feel fabric. 
  • Dusty hair and dirt are collected on top and won't stick to the fabric but can be brushed off easily.
  •  Machine washable at 40 degrees. 
  • Stops unwanted draughts.


Extra Small Raised Pet Bed

Dimensions cm - W36 x L64 x H11

Sleeping size cm - W36 x L45

Supports weight - 40kg/88lb

Suitable for – Chihuahua, Chinese Crested, Yorkshire Terrier, Papillon, Manchester Terrier, Pomeranian, Dachshund, Japanese Chin, Pekinese, Toy Poodle, Cats, Rabbits & Ferrets


Due to the weight of this product there will be a standard £7.50 delivery charge.