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We are very excited about the DOGGO Parcours - the first shoe designed specifically for agility !! It's made to a high specification, exactly as you would expect from the German Shoe Company behind them. Designed in conjunction with Thomas Behrendt, German World Champion and National Agility Trainer, the Parcours are designed by agility people for agility people. We have been trialling these shoes ourselves since last November, we absolutely love them and think you will too :-)

So what makes them so special?

The Parcours have a high, stabilising heel cap with great cushioning on both the heel and forefoot area. They have an extra layer of lateral reinforcement all the way around the shoe, which provides excellent side support and stability to help prevent your foot from twisting when making quick changes of direction. The sole has a brilliant anti-slip profile, with improved hold on the sides and the heel. The profile makes it suitable for all kinds of surface.

We love the little touches that makes this shoe stand out from the crowd - not only does it have the excellent quick lace system, it also has a discreet neoprene pouch for you to tuck the lace ends away in - perfect !!

The shoe is very comfortable to wear, and very supportive if you have foot problems. The insole is also removable if you need to put in your own inserts. These shoes are designed as unisex, so also good if you have wider feet.

  • Weather Protection - Continuous membrane provides protection from the elements in all but the worst conditions.
  • Quick lacing system and lace storage pocket
  • Studded outsole profile for excellent grip on artificial turf, grass, and dirt; provides better grip than other shoes on soft, wet, or loosely packed surfaces
  • Ergonomically shaped sole optimally supports the natural motion of the foot
  • Mesh and PU upper, with textile lining
  • Extra cushioning and padding for the forefoot and heel
  • Removable insole
  • Stitched tongue so that it doesn't slide back and forth
  • Reinforced heel cap and toe box
  • Doggo Perfect Fit - More direct footprint with a flat midsole, optimised cushioning and better ground contact

These shoes are sold in European sizes, but run very true to size. Please refer to the Size Guide for UK/Euro conversion. If in doubt please contact us and we will advise.

DOGGO is a German company that has been making shoes in the the fashion sector for over 25 years. After the principals of the company added a dog to their family—a Labrador Retriever that loved nature—not only did they realise what "really matters in life," they realised that they needed to go out with Bruno even if it was storming outside! So that was their inspiration for creating the DOGGO line of practical shoes for people who walk, play, run, and do performance sports with their dogs. They understand that dog lovers spend a lot of time outside with their dogs and need a shoe that keeps their feet warm and protected, and that also help keep their feet from tiring. DOGGO is committed to creating shoes that fulfil this goal plus use innovative materials, new sole designs, and modern colours.