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ByBenji Biltong Sausage

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ByBenji Biltong Sausage

We are very excited to add the ByBenji Biltong products to our range of natural treats! Natural Premium dog treats made from the finest silverside of beef, dry cured locking in the full meaty flavour. Gently spiced with the finest herbs, specifically chosen for your dog's optimal health. They are free from any additives and artificial flavours - just healthy, nutritious and delicious. Our dogs (and cats!) gave them a huge 'paws up'

ByBenji Biltong Sausages are a healthy and nutritious real meat high protein snack source to fit perfectly into any daily doggie meal plans. The Bybenji Biltong Sausages also contain NO MSG, NO SUGAR, wheat, nuts, dairy or additives such as flavourings or colourings – naturally good! 

Safe for puppies to seniors in all breed shapes and sizes.

- High in protein

- Low Fat

- Low salt

- Sugar free

- NO carbohydrates

- No gluten

- No wheat

- No soya

- No MSG

Sold in re-sealable 80g bags

Produced and manufactured in the UK.