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AGIFLEX Tunnel Holders for 80cm diameter tunnels

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AGIFLEX Tunnel Holders for 80cm diameter tunnels

*** Suitable for 80cm diameter tunnels ***

The unique design of the heavyweight AGIFLEX tunnel holders allows them to be successfully used at either professional agility events or training. The holders fully encircle the tunnel and fasten with two belts, making this holder very unique. The velcro is adjustable so the holder can be tightened to fit the tunnel snugly. This enables the tunnel to be completely stable on the whatever the surface, be it sand, grass or synthetic grass. Special pockets either side hold the sand bag firmly in place, and the sand bag can be slipped easily in and out if required to make moving the tunnel easier. Great design and easy to use :-)

Available in the colours to match the tunnels perfectly - we love them even more for this. Please note orange is currently unavailable

Holder’s weight (one holder with two empty black sand bags): 2,2 kg.

Price is for 1 tunnel holder.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.