Kong Pawzzles Donut

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Kong Pawzzles Donut

KONG Pawzzles Donut offers the ultimate treat-dispensing challenge for the smartest of dogs. The unique shapes offer mental and physical stimulation while fulfilling natural foraging instincts resulting in the ultimate of rewards, a favourite treat. If you want to increase the challenge, change the treat size - the larger the treat the greater the difficulty.

The durable materials ensure long lasting fun!

The Cube can be filled with kibble or treats - providing it fits though the holes !

- Mentally and Physically stimulating

- Fulfills natural foraging instincts

- Variable challenge - use large treats to increase difficulty

Colour may vary from that shown.

Available in Large

Proper supervision is advised, please inspect toy regularly for signs of damage. 

Also available Kong Pawzzles Cube, Bone and Pyramid

Watch the KONG Pawzzles in action here;