Ke-Hu Special

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Ke-Hu Special

Finnish Ke-hu toys have many fascinating elements. Flexible handle, materials that interest the dog, as well as delightful color schemes and high usability. Ke-hu toys has it all. Great joy to a great team, dog and his human.
Ke-hu Special has a  flexible Orbee golf-ball and is medium sized. The toy has faux fur strip. Handle has flexibility and pleasant soft fleece lining.

Size Table
M Size - Ball height 5,5 cm, toys total lenght 38 cm. Size fits medium / border collie size dogs.

Durability of the ball is good and it is suitable for most dogs.

Please note that Ke-hu toys are designed for active play between dog and it’s handler. They are not designed for chewing. When playtime is over, move Ke-hu out of dog’s reach. Please monitor your dog and play safe.

Ke-hu toys are made and designed in Finland.