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New from Ruffwear, introducing the Gnawt-a-stick. We think this is completely brilliant !! Dogs love sticks, that's a fact. However sticks can be dangerous and cause injury, particularly if thrown. So the Gnawt-a-stick is the perfect natural rubber alternative, offering all the fun without the risk. That's why we love it so much !

It's a fantastic throw toy, with an erratic bounce making it very engaging for you dog and adding extra fun to games of fetch.

This rubber toy is very durable - the unique stick design makes a great chew toy, and the textured surface helps to massage gums.

The Gnawt-a-stick is ideal for water activities. It has been designed to float at an angle, making it easy to retrieve in water. The bright range of colours also make it very easy to spot !

The Gnawt-a-stick is made from natural latex rubber from a renewable, sustainable source, we love it even more !

Features and Benefits

  • Durable, chew-resistant 
  • Erratic bounce for engaging fetch 
  • Faceted surface for gum-massaging 
  • Engineered for upright flotation 
  • Made from natural latex rubber, a renewable, sustainable resource

Available in 3 vivid colours;

Metolius Blue

Sockeye Red

Dandelion Yellow