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New from Ruffwear !! The Gnawt-a-rock is a versatile and multi use toy. It's a great throw toy, and the unique rock design has an erratic bounce to make it very engaging for your dog.

The Gnawt-a-rock is also a brilliant interactive toy. The internal chamber holds treats and kibble - stuff it full of your dog's favourite treats to keep them entertained and also provide mental and physical stimulation for your dog.

Made from natural latex rubber from a renewable and sustainable source, the Gnawt-a-rock is durable and chew resistant. The faceted surface helps to massage gums, making it an interesting chew toy.

A tough, rubber toy made from natural rubber and available in 3 vivid colours

Features and Benefits

  • Durable, chew-resistant 
  • Erratic bounce for engaging fetch 
  • Faceted surface for gum-massaging 
  • Internal chamber holds kibble or small training treats 
  • Treat dispensing design for interactive play 
  • Size suitable for large-mouthed dogs 
  • Made from natural latex rubber, a renewable, sustainable resource

Available in 3 colours;

Dandelion Yellow

Sockeye Red

Metolius blue